About us

Our team is dynamic, agile and perfectly coordinated. We provide all aspects of video production. Therefore we can offer reasonable pricing without compromising the high-quality standards which define our brand.

For larger productions we put together a team for the task. We are based in Copenhagen but can easily work globally. We have lived in several different countries and speak 9 languages.

Isabelle Denaro

Isabelle is a multi-artist. Whether it is via music, film, acting or writing, she has a talent to tell a story and convey a message. She has film branch experience and is in charge of developing the idea and the manuscript, as well as production, interviewing, instructing, directing and editing. As a singer and musician, Isabelle has a natural ability to select the perfect music to accompany your production. She can also be used as a voice-over, when requested. LinkedIn

Marco Denaro

Marco has many years of experience as a filmmaker, freelance videographer, camera operator and editor. He was educated in the Film School in Madrid (CEV) and has film branch experience. He is the technical expert of  SRT23 Procuctions, mastering camera operation, lighting, sound and editing.

Core values


We are perfectionists. We make sure the product is impeccable down to the last detail, creatively and technically.


Flexibility and versatility are in our DNA. We adapt to our clients’ personalities, ways and desires and to any type of circumstance and geographical place. We have recorded in the African dust and chaos and in vibrant cities like New York.


We think in pictures and love to create visual stories. We have the ability to transform any message into a striking visual expression.

Social awareness

We feel strongly about ecology, sustainability, frair trade and humanitarian consciousness. When our schedule allows it, we choose a non-profit project that supports these areas and produce a free-of-cost film for promotion and visibility. In 2017 we produced, filmed and edited a video for The Plaster House Organisation, a children’s hospital in Tanzania.