Video Production

We produce many different types of videos, with many different objectives. Some productions actually cover more than one necessity, but in order to give you a quick overview, in the following we have  exposed and described a series of types of videos at your disposal. These examples can also be used as an inspiration in your process of defining what you currently could be needing for your activity.

Company profiles & spots

We tell your company’s story – brand, activity, product, philosophy, competencies, core values – in beautiful and striking images that sharply reveal the true essence of your message.

Presentation videos & portraits

We present you and your unique profile. Whether you are a leader, entrepreneur, politician, actor or artist, a portrait video is a powerful personal branding tool for self-promotion. 

Events & live performance

Your performace is your best business card. Whether you are a musician, a speaker, an instructor or a comedian, it is essential for you to have professional video material showing you in action, which you can use to sell your act or concept.

Product videos

A product video is an explainer video that effectively demonstrates the features and especially the benefits of a product. A product video can create a better lasting impression in the consumer’s mind as well as a stronger call to action response, thanks to the fact that the product is EXPERIENCED through the storyline and the feelings and sensations evoked by the images. When companies need to express something about a product quickly and memorably, a product video is the best way to do it. 

Travel & documentaries

We have vast experience in traveling the world with our video equipment on our backs, offering to document expeditions, group travels and international events.

Music videos

Every emotion has its own soundtrack and every soundtrack has its own visual project. As filmmakers, our take on music videos is 100% film-like.

Trailers & SoMe videos

Short videos, trailers and teasers of what you wish to communicate and sell are very valuable on social media platforms and increase the call to action response.

Step by step & how-to videos

A Step by step or How to video is highly efficient when a new or complex product is launched and must be promoted, and this type of video makes it much easier for the receiver to understand and remember, how the product or service works, and what you can use it for. Step by step videos are also very useful in companies internally to explain processes, methods or ways of doing things and can be used for training purposes.